MIFU, originated in the United States, serves the world. In order to better serve global users, MIFU selects ceiling level raw materials, selects industry-leading technology factories, and adopts ODM to customize and produce better MIFU products, bringing more cost-effective products to global users. MIFU always adheres to the good products of "excellent quality and personality trend", so that everyone in the world can enjoy the beautiful life brought by MIFU's "intelligent manufacturing".


As we all know, CCTV, as the authoritative representative of the media, has an incomparable position in the media with its credibility, influence and communication power. At the same time, CCTV has a set of strict audit standards, no matter from the brand's soft power of business reputation, or the hard power of research and development production to pass the verification of layers before it can be displayed in the public view.

MIFU after layers of assessment and selection, become CCTV-2 sets of prime time contract broadcast brand, strong landing the most authoritative television media, MIFU brand to become a household leading brand in the automotive film industry.


Once MIFU products are sold and successfully installed, they can enjoy the guarantee including the official electronic warranty agreement of MIFU and the quality guarantee of Ping An insurance, which greatly improves the use experience of the majority of car owners and the industry leading protection of car owners' rights and interests.