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Thank you for choosing MIFU stealth car clothing products. For your legitimate consumption rights and interests, please be sure to ask MIFU dealers for official electronic warranty information after installing MIFU paint protection film. Electronic warranty is the only authentic certification channel to prevent counterfeiting! Warranty scope 1, MIFU invisible car clothing "Quality assurance" : no rain spots, no water stains, no hydrolysis, no matte phenomenon (in case of 5 times claims) 2, degumming (except for the collapse caused by product stretching), cracking, foaming and delamination. This warranty does not cover wear and tear of the product caused by external force, corrosion of the product from outside, accident, collision or any form of intentional damage. 3. The yellowing resistance rate is the normal range of 3‰ per year, and the yellowing degree of the warranty is level 3. The yellowing speed requires the owner to strictly follow the use of matters needing attention. 4. This guarantee is not transferable and shall terminate automatically when the vehicle is transferred. 5, did not use the "MIFU care card" in strict accordance with the membrane surface every two months for a routine care, will not be able to enjoy any after-sales service! Limitations: The above warranties and remedies are exclusive to MIFU® and are exclusively owned by MIFU®. Without permission, any authorized installation store is not allowed to modify. Precautions for Use 1, one week after the film to avoid washing, to ensure that the glue and paint surface to produce the best binding force; 2, when cleaning the vehicle, should avoid the use of high pressure water gun to rinse the membrane edge; 3. When cleaning vehicles, brushes and corrosive chemicals should be avoided; 4. Avoid hard objects scraping and scrubbing the membrane surface, scraping and wear traces will affect the overall effect of the membrane; 5, the use of "MIFU care card" in strict accordance with the membrane surface every two months for a routine care; 6. It is not recommended to polish on the membrane surface; 7, summer sunlight in the ultraviolet radiation intensity is very strong, do not love the car parked outside for a long time in the sun; 8, car shading, do not park the car under the tree, otherwise there will be a large number of bird dung shellac gum adhesive film surface, corrosive, easy to destroy the film surface coating; 9, do not love the car for a long time parked under the hood fan, otherwise there will be a lot of oil stains in the film surface, not easy to clean; 10, do not love the car for a long time parked in the air conditioning outlet drip, corrosive air conditioning water will destroy the membrane surface coating structure; 11, do not park the car for a long time in the rain, the acid in the rain will erode the membrane surface.