MCP Computer Film cutting system developed by MIFU and professional data team, the latest generation of the world's leading stealth car film cutting system. The MIFU team's product engineers routinely create design templates for newly released vehicles, which are instantly uploaded to the film cutting software, which is very convenient and available in real time.

Select the type you need, and when you need one of its parts, any adjustable geometry size. We have a new custom feature, you can quickly achieve any film cutting details, including thick edge wrapping, cutting half of the hood and other DIY features, this gives you great flexibility when cutting the paint mask. The goal of MCP is to make laminating more efficient, cheaper and more professional.

MCP film cutting system configuration requirements: 1. System requirements: WIN10 system (64-bit) and above; 2. Memory requirements: 4G memory or above; 3. Disk requirements: 10 GB or more storage space; ※ Friendly tip: It is recommended to use large screen or super long curved screen, which is more convenient for typesetting graphics.

Advantages of MCP film cutting system

1. simple operation Simple and convenient data operation interface, the model map can be enlarged and accurate to 0.1mm, the data version can be fine-tuned, all open, unlimited, unlimited cutting 2. Real-time updates Real-time update new models, new graphics import button, can be customized engraved graphics LOGO latte art, etc 3. Reduce risk Zero risk of mounting, no knife and disassembly of car parts 4. high aesthetics Greatly increase the appearance of mounting, highly accurate, one-click intelligent edge, DIY self-defined edge length, computer cutting also achieve manual effect 5. Save time Greatly reduce the loading time, than the traditional manual loading time saving more than 70% 6. Ease the difficulty Greatly reduce the difficulty of construction, high precision can meet the same as manual or super manual construction requirements 7. high degree of nature Computer cut film to maintain the original natural film, reduce the risk of edge, reduce the risk of excessive pull caused by damage to the film 8. Intelligent typesetting One-click intelligent typesetting, improve typesetting efficiency, intelligent material saving